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CosmetiCare's *BRAND NEW* Referral Program!

For over 30 years CosmetiCare has been helping men and women in Orange County love the way they look and our thousands of happy patients have helped us grow to the practice we are today. Many of our new patients come from referrals from all the great work our doctors and nurses do everyday. And now, beginning this August CosmetiCare is pleased to introduce a referral program that rewards you for sharing your secret about how you look so great all the time!

The process is simple:

Each of our patients will be assigned a unique code

We're going to email them out to everyone we have email addresses for, but you can also call us or stop by the office. Anyone at CosmetiCare can help you find your code.

Share that unique code with your friends

You can share it by forwarding the email you receive, sending it in a text message, writing it on a napkin...smoke signal, morse code. It doesn't matter how you share, but your friend needs to have that code when they come in for their appointment with CosmetiCare in order for you to get credit.

Your friend makes a purchase @ CosmetiCare

When someone you referred makes a purchase at CosmetiCare and provides us with the code you shared, our system automatically ties you together. Everybody wins!

You both get points!

When your friends makes a purchase at CosmetiCare they'll get an instant discount, and you'll get points you can use towards future treatments.

For surgery patients:

  • You get 200 points
  • They get 100 points

For MedSpa treatments:

  • You get 50 points
  • They get 25 points

That's it! We know there's lots of choices here in Orange County for your aesthetic treatments and we're grateful every time we meet someone who says they heard about us from a friend. Now it's our turn to make it more rewarding than ever to love the way you look!

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