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#CosmeticareMoms: Mom and Son Hydrafacials

by Marcie Taylor

When you are a mom of boys you will never spend hours brushing and braiding, putting on makeup etc call them typical mom and daughter rites of passage. But whether you have a daughter or son, skincare is important. So I bonded with my boy over a facial at Cosmeticare.

After my son’s HydraFacial, it was my turn and we stepped out of Cosmeticare with glowing skin. I asked my son if would’ve felt better if I told him exactly what was going to happen, especially the part about the extractions, which pinched the skin a little. And he said, I did it just right, giving him enough information not to get too nervous about the whole thing and not emphasizing the part about the extractions so as to scare him.

After our treatments, I did a little interview with Lisa McCoy, esthetician, at Cosmeticare Med Spa. 
Suburban Mamas (SM): How should teens prepare for their first facial?
Lisa McCoy (LM): The only preparation for a facial for teens (or anyone else) it to make sure that if you are on Retin-A or any product that makes your skin red or irritated; that you stop 3 days before the facial.
SM: How often should teens get a HydraFacial?
LM: It depends on their skin. If they need a lot of help with extractions, they can come in every week to 2 weeks until it clears up and then come once a month to maintain before the next normal breakout happens – to prevent long term scarring.
SM:Do you have any other general skin care tips for moms and kids?
LM: Definitely wash your face with cleanser every day and night. It is so important to wear sunscreen everyday because we are constanly in the sun and the sun can cause permanent damage. Do not dry out your skin too much and aviod benzoyl peroxide, it will dry the top layer while you’re overproducing oil that gets stuck and creates more pimples and blackheads. Moisturise lightly to keep your skin pliable. Do not put your hands on your face or pick your pimples; come see me or another Esthetician for a facial and extractions!

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