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Considering Laser Resurfacing? Here's the Secret First Step

By Debbie Lavdas

When people hear that I’m planning to try Laser Resurfacing on my face, they almost always say: “I’ve thought about that. I need to give my skin an overhaul!” (That’s except for my 4-year old, who just asks if it’s going to be a red laser like Darth Vader’s, but anyway …)
Here’s the deal, if you’re going to do a laser, do Botox first.
Who knew, right? I thought Botox might be recommended post-laser, but no—before. “It’s best to Botox first” said CosmetiCare’s Dr. Marguerite Bernette. “The laser itself will help smooth and tighten the skin, but for spots such as those under the eye, it doesn’t help the underlying muscles—that’s where Botox comes in. And after the laser, the muscles aren’t moving a lot, so the skin can rest, heal and beautify itself easier.”
I was game, so in the chair I went. (I’ve tried Botox once before, but not under the eyes for fear of bruising, and just overall overdoing things.) Dr. Bernette quickly worked her magic under my eyes with a few quick pricks. The Botox-proof is in the pictures, I guess. My dear friend, Mali Workman recently took these photos, a few weeks after the Botox. Looks pretty natural to me.
(Photo by Mali Workman)
I was perfectly happy with the results. Frankly, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried Botox under the eyes sooner. And to my amazement, I didn’t bruise; I was certain I would. That’s often the case with Botox, you can make more out of it than it really is.
What put me over the edge to relax about Botox under the eyes was my hairdresser. A serious Botox believer, she jokingly put it this way. “If my mother’s funeral was the same time as my scheduled Botox appointment, I’d stop off on the way to the funeral.” Of course, she was kidding. But she religiously schedules her Botox three months out, and never misses an appointment. I realized many of the beautiful women I know, who have a natural, youthful look about them, look that way because they’re working at it—with restraint and good judgement.  And, guess what? My hairdresser, in her 40’s, looks naturally fabulous—with dewy/glowy skin that I want (and hope to get with the laser resurfacing), plus a fit body that backs everything up. By the way, her mom looks pretty great too—and was wonderfully alive (she was cutting her Mom’s hair as I walked in).
Dr. Bernette also opted to rid my forehead of some lines too. Sure, why not? (I did get recently bangs to combat the creasing, but I knew Botox would be good for the resurfacing.)
Mom friends tell me time and time again that I’m “brave” to be trying medspa treatments. Not really. It’s like getting your hair colored, manis done, etc. It’s just routine maintenance to combat Mother Nature a bit. I will, however, say that you’re brave if you don’t go to a really great, trusted medspa that specializes in cosmetic procedures. It is your face. So go where they’ve been doing it a long time, and go where they share your philosophy (mine is: a more natural appearance, with a little time turned back).
If you want to give it a go, CosmetiCare is priced well at $10/unit. And you can expect to spend $300-$400, depending on how much you might want to do. Consults are complimentary, as I’ve shared if you just want to inquire first.

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