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Beth Jones
photos by Christa Norman
Well.. now I’m getting into the REALLY GOOD STUFF at CosmetiCare as one of their Mom Ambassadors! This time around.. Botox!
There was a time I giggled at the thought of botox. It seemed like something I would never consider.. and then I hit 35 years old. Some of those wrinkles started to hang out with my all day and I felt like I looked tired and worn out. I didn’t feel that way, but when I looked in the mirror, that is what I saw.
As an ambassador at CosmetiCare, I was offered the opportunity to try botox, and let me just say.. that I am so happy I did!
The process was EASY-PEASY.. seriously.. and I am loving the results.
Get a peek into the whole process with my photo diary.

 First, I chatted with Crystal about the main areas I was concerned about and we snapped before photos. For me, my main concern was in between my eyebrows. Crystal explained that she would work on that area but also do slight injections in my forehead for an even natural look.

Crystal prepped the botox and my skin and then went to work.
It was probably the slightest needle sting I’ve ever felt, and didn’t have any effect on me at all.
In total, I was probably there 20 minutes.. no fuss and no down time!
Crystal did explain that it would take at least 4 to 10 days to see the full results.. and within a week I saw a HUGE change.
Now 10 days have passed and I’m loving how my face looks! Check out the before and after photos below!

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