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Bikini Body After a Tummy Tuck - Mommy Makeover Part 6

By Mary Tran 

The Transformation

If you're following my Mommy Makeover Journey with CosmetiCare and Dr. Brian Reagan in Newport Beach, it has now been about three months since my Lipoabdominoplasty procedure (aka liposuction + tummy tuck). Looking back I really cannot complain. The transformation has been amazingly smooth, I'm almost fully healed with areas still tender to touch, and I've already been back to my regular routine and working out. Did you see that I finally got into a bikini? It has been many years of hiding behind loose clothing! You can see my new body below! This was taken only seven weeks after surgery at my son's birthday party... I KNOW! Isn't it incredible?! 
I was a little shy at first but my friends and family have been very supportive. The reactions I get are mostly all positive, and some tell me I'm brave. Mostly people are blown away. It has been so long since I've worn anything like this, my old clothes don't even fit right anymore. I just need to find tummy tuck swimwear and undergarments that will hide the scar, but I am having fun with it.

A Special Thanks 

I really have to thank my surgeon, Dr. Brian Reagan, because he gave me a second chance of feeling youthful and confident again with this new body. He told me he was going to thin me out and give me abs. I thought he was joking but he wasn't. He also gave me a natural belly button which was important to me. The staff has been very accommodating, and they made me feel comfortable every time I came in from start to finish. 
The experience wasn't traumatizing nor difficult. Many asked if I was in much pain and my answer is, No. I stayed on top of my pain meds which was for about a week, but I did have discomfort from the lipo which is expected. My husband has been the most supportive, and I feel really lucky he was there for me the whole time. I couldn't have done it without him. Now I know I need to make healthier choices to maintain it. Thank you for following me along my journey! 

If you want to learn more about my journey, I have written it in several parts and you can read them below.
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