Mary Tran

Lives in: Aliso Viejo
2 Kids: Ages 6 and 8
Mary is a super active mom of two boys who loves LEGOs, Transformers, Star Wars, Disney and Broadway musicals. She likes to shares her adventures, insider tips and deals from around Orange County on her blog. 
Her guilty pleasure
She loves spas, desserts and Hello Kitty. (But not all at the same time!) Family comes first, but taking care of herself is also a priority, because she believes if she feels good and looks great, it's all worth it.

After Two Treatments of Kybella Update #CosmetiCareMoms

I wanted to you give you an update after two treatments of KYBELLA. Just a quick disclosure, I'm a CosmetiCare Mom which allows me to try some of CosmetiCare's MedSpa services and share my experiences with you all. KYBELLA is the only FDA-approved treatment to dissolve fat with injections. It is currently only approved for chin fat.
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Say Goodbye to Chin Fat with Kybella. How does it work?

Do you have chin fat that you would like to get rid of? Well as one of the CosmetiCare Moms, I have been trying out their KYBELLA medspa treatments, and I can't wait to share my results. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure approved by FDA for chin fat.
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Cosmeticare MedSpa: Rejuvenize Peels

Lately, I've been wondering if I am aging well. I just turned 40 and my friends tell me I haven't aged, but of course, no one is going to tell me when I don't look my best. Everyone is super busy these days so will anyone notice if my skin looks dry or if I'm getting wrinkles? Well, I do have them, and although I am thankful I don't have a lot to worry about at the moment, it's not always going to be the case. I need to take precautionary measures now to keep looking young instead of waiting until the damage is done and try to reverse it.
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Is Laser Hair Removal for You?

Do you have unwanted hair and wonder if laser hair removal is for you? Well, as a CosmetiCare Moms Ambassador, we get to try some of the MedSpa services at CosmetiCare then share our experiences. My husband has thick coarse facial hair, and he suffers from ingrown hairs on his neck.
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Is MedSpa TruSculpt for You?

Do you have stubborn pockets of fat or cellulite that's really hard to get rid of? Have you tried everything from exercising and dieting but still have problems with that area?
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