Marcie Taylor

Lives in: Huntington Beach, CA
2 Kids: Ages 14 and 10
Bio: Marcie is a writer, photographer and social media and marketing professional. She loves Indie Rock music and coffee. Born and raised in the Philippines, she moved to the U.S. 15 years ago. She’s even written a book entitled "Missing Mangoes: For Filipinos and Those Who Love Us."
Her guilty pleasure: She loves Young Adult (YA) fiction like the "Hunger Games" and teen shows on ABC Family like "Pretty Little Liars." She is admittedly a teenage girl at heart.

#CosmeticareMoms: Mom and Son Hydrafacials

When you are a mom of boys you will never spend hours brushing and braiding, putting on makeup etc call them typical mom and daughter rites of passage. But whether you have a daughter or son, skincare is important. So I bonded with my boy over a facial at Cosmeticare.
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Renew Your Skin with a Vitalize Peel

I experienced my first facial peel at Cosmeticare recently. A chemical peel is supposed to improve the appearance of skin, smoothing out the appearance of dine lines, wrinkles and roughness.
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Botox Before and After and Thoughts in Between

As a Cosmeticare Mom, I have the opportunity to try out cosmetic treatments that I never considered before. The Cosmeticare staff is always so amazing and welcoming.
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Suburban Dad Tries Voluma

By Marcie Taylor Looking good and finding ways to age better, with the help of non-invasive cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgery, are not just for women. It’s true, in this day and age of “Bro-tox” parties (Botox parties for men), men are becoming more comfortable with the idea of cosmetic procedures. Take my husband, for example, who for many years has been concerned about the “dark circles under his eyes.”...
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What Really Happened When I Got a HydraFacial

There are facials and there is the Hydrafacial. If you’ve never had any kind of facial, do yourself a favor, and make an appointment with an aesthetician today! We subject our skin to so many things in our daily lives – makeup, dust, smoke etc. And so it is important to have a good skin care regimen. This regimen doesn’t have to be complicated – and that’s why I love Hydrafacials! It’s a simple, noninvasive treatment that improves the look of your skin.
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