Liz Cerezo

Lives in: Brea, CA
3 Kids: Ages 17, 10, and 9
Bio: Liz Cerezo has been a devoted family blogger for more than 7 years, sharing a variety of stories from her life as a Latina. Liz and her Filipino husband of 18 years have three children. Growing up Latina has been central to the inspiration of her blog posts. Spanglish, (a cross between Spanish and English), is her preferred style of writing. Through sincerity and sometimes humor, Liz captures the true essence of being Latina. If not at the market or shuttling the kids around the OC, she can be found behind her beloved laptop blogging away.
Her guilty pleasure: Korean Dramas. Her mom and sister are devout Korean Drama watchers and have since made Liz a fan of these funny and heartfelt shows. Her favorite dramas are Winter Sonata, Coffee Prince and Cunning Single Lady!

My truSculpt Final Review: Before and After Pictures

The new year has come and it’s time to reveal my final results for truSculpt. I had 2 truSculpt treatments done on my chin as an added benefit to Kybella! truSculpt and Kybella are two separate procedures. Once requires injections while the other you sit back and have the fat burned off you.
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2nd Kybella Treatment Up with Pictures

Wow, seeing those pictures is such an eye opener, huh? My face was huge, back in May. Can you see the difference on how low my fatness under my chin hangs in May vs. August?
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Check out your ‘New Look Now’ for your Kybella Treatments at CosmetiCare!

Have you ever wanted to try something out, but didn’t want to make the full commitment? Especially with big purchases. Kinda like test driving a car. You can sit in it, drive it, test out all the buttons and stuff. New Look Now allows you to “try on” aesthetic treatments from home by uploading your photo onto their site. That’s right! It’s a test drive for any treatment you want to do. In this case, we’re talking about Kybella.
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Exploring Kybella and Why You May Want to Get It!

If there is one thing that you would like to change about your body what would it be? It’s not something that I could easily hide, it’s not something that could be covered up with makeup, it’s not something that could be easily removed. I am talking about the dreaded double chin.
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Where to Get the Best HydraFacial in Orange County, CA

I turn 40 this year. The big 4 0! Am I feeling it? Well, not really, but as the months wind down to my birthday month, I know sooner than later, I will have to start to take better care of myself, if I plan to still look as young I feel, and now that my kids are older, the time for me has come.
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New Look Now Before and After Photo Simulations

Try on a treatment before you get it!

Want to see your new look now? Get a realistic simulation of how you could look after your treatment, for free.


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