The Juicy Details of a Liquid Facelift

What’s a Liquid Facelift? Does it work? Is it painful? What age do you get one? Are they really done over a lunch hour? Well, if you’ve ever wondered any of these q’s quietly to yourself, you’re in luck, because I just had one, and I’m sharing all the details. Plus, I’m showing some before and afters.
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Suburban Dad Tries Voluma

By Marcie Taylor Looking good and finding ways to age better, with the help of non-invasive cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgery, are not just for women. It’s true, in this day and age of “Bro-tox” parties (Botox parties for men), men are becoming more comfortable with the idea of cosmetic procedures. Take my husband, for example, who for many years has been concerned about the “dark circles under his eyes.”...
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  • Marcie Taylor

Why Latinas Everywhere Will Love The Dermapen with PRP Treatment

By Pattie Cordova So here’s something I didn’t know before becoming a CosmetiCare mom … there are skin care treatments made just for people with my skin color! Latinas everywhere will rejoice knowing that while we can’t do the laser treatments, Dermapen with PRP will work to get your skin looking soft, even-textured and acne scars will meet their match. I can’t say enough about how life-changing Dermapen with PRP...
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  • Pattie Cordova

HydraFacials Will Leave your Face Feeling Firmer, Plumper and Younger Looking

By Wendy Byde Over the past few months I’ve gotten to share about my experiences at the CosmetiCare Medspa as a part of their CosmetiCare Moms Ambassador program. I loved trying Botox and Juvederm and am still enjoying the results. Anti-aging treatments are my favorite but preventative care is important too! Last week I got to try a HydraFacial and it was amazing! A HydraFacial is a non-invasive treatment, that...
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HydraFacials Helps Teen Battle Breakouts

By Shelby Barone As I have been entering the tween/teen years I have noticed my face starting to get acne. I was doing everything I could to try and make it go away, from washing my face twice a day to putting on face masks, but it wouldn’t go away. It is my forehead that was getting the most acne, and it was starting to bother me more and more...
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My First Ever Skin Peel Experience

When I was trying to decide what skin care treatments to get, I knew that I wanted to do something about the sun damage on my face. I was a swimmer, a waterpolo player and swim instructor in my life before kids, and have to admit that I wasn’t the most diligent when it came to putting on sunscreen.
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First Impression: HydraFacial MD

I have long struggled with my complexion.
  • Wendy Nielsen

Is TruSculpt Worth It?

I’ve gotten hooked on a couple of amazing treatments at CosmetiCare as a CosmetiCare mom. First, there was the Botox, then the Juvéderm, and of course, the HydraFacial. So of course, I just kept going and I found the next hidden treasure in their myriad of procedures – truSculpt!
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  • Pattie Cordova

Is Laser Hair Removal for You?

Do you have unwanted hair and wonder if laser hair removal is for you? Well, as a CosmetiCare Moms Ambassador, we get to try some of the MedSpa services at CosmetiCare then share our experiences. My husband has thick coarse facial hair, and he suffers from ingrown hairs on his neck.
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All Facials Are NOT The Same– What To Expect From a HydraFacial

I’ve had horrible skin since about the age of 13. It sucks. It’s the first thing that people see and the fact that I can’t control it is the absolute worst. So to combat the horrible skin I get facials. Regularly. About once a month, in fact. I’ve been getting facials for a while now and it has definitely helped my breakouts (yes, two kids later and I still break out), my oily skin and sun damage. I feel like I’m forever discovering new products and treatments to help my skin, so when I was given the opportunity to try out a HydraFacial MD treatment as a CosmetiCare mom – I jumped at the chance!
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  • Pattie Cordova


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