How breast surgery can be affordable

How Breast Augmentation is Affordable

As a parent, budgeting and saving money for trips or emergency funds is always necessary; however, sometimes the money budgeted is not used for yourself. Undergoing my mastopexy (breast lift) was one of the best decisions I have made, monetarily and emotionally. I realized how I can use the tips and tricks I've learned during this process to save money in the future.
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Dysport at CosmetiCare

Lunch Time Beauty Boost with Dysport

Curious about the Dysport? Check out Angela Jean's video diary about her experience using Dysport and her beauty boosting secret!
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CosmetiCare Massages after mastopexy surgery

Getting a Massage After a Breast Surgery

As a busy mom, massages help me to relieve stress on a monthly basis. After my mastopexy at CosmetiCare I was unable to get a massage until my body was properly healed. Now that I got the approval from Dr. Niccole, I am back to getting my much needed mommy massages.
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Vaginal Rejuvenation at CosmetiCare


This year was full of changes another change for me this year was my vaginal rejuvenation. I highly recommend asking multiple questions and doing your research before opting into the treatment. Here are a few questions you may have and the answers I have found.
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Coolsculpting vs TruSculpt

Many of us would like to think that diet and exercise alone will get us our ideal bodies. However, all too often, someone reaches a healthy weight but realizes that they still have areas of stubborn fat that they can't seem to budge. If this is the case, then it may be time to consider non-invasive fat reduction procedures. In the past, liposuction was the only way to achieve spot...
Preparing for Breast Surgery

Preparing for your Breast Surgery

When preparing for my breast lift, I knew that I wanted to lose weight before the surgery. In order to slim down for before the procedure, I had been working hard with a nutritionist on my diet and exercise habits. Going into the surgery, I was worried about how long it would take before I could resume exercise. With help from the doctors at CosmetiCare and a lot of patience, I was soon able to begin exercising again. Here is how the process went.
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Exploring a Rhinoplasty

Exploring A Rhinoplasty – Is It Right For Me? | @CosmetiCare #CosmetiCareAmbassadors

Ever since I was in my 20’s I have been self conscious about one particular facial feature. When I see photos of myself, my nose always stands out. I try to minimize it’s appearance by retaking photos by tilting my head up or down, angling my face seems to minimize the size, however I still feel my nose is disproportionate to my other facial features. Now, in my second year as a CosmetiCare Ambassador, I have been presented with a unique opportunity to alter the shape of my nose, giving me a more proportionate face, so I decided to look into it further.
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Cosmelan Peel at CosmetiCare

Cosmelan Peel for Melasma and Scarring at CosmetiCare

Curious about the Cosmelan Peel? Check out Angela Jean's video diary about her experience treating melasma and scarring with this peel!
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Botox at CosmetiCare

My First Botox Treatment with CosmetiCare

As a 40 year old woman in Orange County, it’s like a right of passage to get Botox. Sharon was nervous, but excited to have it done with us for the first time. She is hear to share my experience with all of you!
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Treating Acne at CosmetiCare

Working on Healing My Acne at CosmetiCare

Now that I’m done having kids and I’ve passed the year mark post-pregnancy, my skin has exploded again. UGH!!!
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